Training Programmes

We offer a wide range of badminton training programmes to cater to different age groups with different goals: 

Basic Training Programme

This training programme is for the beginners or relatively new badminton players. It focuses on developing their basic skills in badminton. Training will be suitable for students who want to pick up badminton as a sport or are keen to join their school team. This programme is also suitable for adult players who are beginners and have no/little prior knowledge of the game and would like to pick up a new sport. 

Intermediate Training Programme 

The intermediate training programme focuses on players who are keen to bring their badminton game to the next level. Suitable for students who are new to their school's badminton team or adult players who want to impress on the social court. This programme is suitable for players who are interested in having a structured training program and require professional advice to improve their game. 

Advance & Elite Training Programme 

This programme is specifically tailored for serious badminton players. Suitable for school team players who are keen to join the national team or for national junior players. Adult players who compete in social leagues would find this programme appropriate and useful. 

One to One Training 

This intensive 2-hours training programme is catered for serious players who are keen to progress further. Please enquire for availability of time and venue.